Eavan Boland – Exhibition & website

Illuminations Maynooth is delighted to present A Poet’s Dublin, an exhibition and website of the poetry and photography of Eavan Boland.

A Poet’s Dublin was published in book form by Carcanet in 2014 to celebrate the seventieth birthday of acclaimed Irish poet, Eavan Boland. Edited by Paula Meehan and Jody Allen Randolph, A Poet’s Dublin brings together many of Boland’s best-known poems with her own photographs of Dublin.

The exhibition at Illuminations Maynooth places the poems and photographs in A Poet’s Dublin together with audio recordings of the poems by Eavan Boland.

A Poet’s Dublin is also accompanied by a permanent website (apoetsdublin.wordpress.com) which marks the exhibition. The website includes the texts of twelve poems and three prose pieces from A Poet’s Dublin along with recordings of Eavan Boland reading each poem and prose piece. Eavan Boland has recorded her own thoughts on each text, and a range of writers and critics respond to Boland’s work. A full gallery of the photographs from the book is also include on the website.

The exhibition is organised and curated by Jody Allen Randolph and Moynagh Sullivan. The website is part of the work of the Illuminations gallery at Maynooth University and was compiled by Illuminations curator Colin Graham.

Critics discussing the poetry on the website include: Jody Allen Randolph, Matthew Campbell, Catriona Clutterbuck, Lucy Collins, Catriona Crowe, Patricia Coughlan, Anne Fogarty, Margaret Mills Harper, Paula Meehan, Lia Mills Mary O’Donnell and Moynagh Sullivan.


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