Breda Lynch | Q&A | RHA

Professor Colin Graham, Head of the Department of English at Maynooth University, will be in conversation with artist Breda Lynch about her current exhibition at the RHA, Witch and Lezzie and wider concerns that are dealt with in her practice, such as the place of women and queer culture in Ireland, lesbian identity and the visibility... Continue Reading →


David Beattie at Illuminations

David Beattie | the distance between things | 16 October-17 November | Illuminations, Maynooth University Assembled from a variety of everyday materials, David Beattie’s work attempts to provide a framework for assessing our daily surroundings. The interactions between object, image and sound can be seen as a search for a tangible present through the intermediary... Continue Reading →

Pushing Boundaries – Becks Butler

‘Pushing Boundaries’ is an ongoing project which celebrates the institutional and intellectual empowerment of women. In 1842, Anna Atkins, the first recorded female photographer, began her investigation of British algae through the cyanotype process, the medium employed in this series. Cyanotype is a photographic blueprint developed through a mixture of chemistry and the exposure of... Continue Reading →

On Bill Kirk and Victor Sloan in Source

In the new Source, 90 (Summer 2017), I review two excellent new books of photography Sandy Row, by Bill Kirk, and Before by Victor Sloan -- both look back at Northern Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s and do so, in retrospect, with profound and empathetic insight.

Bonfires – John Duncan

John Duncan's Bonfires was published in 2008 by Photoworks and Belfast Exposed. It is one of the most piercing and intelligent visual accounts of the iconography of loyalism in Northern Ireland. A pdf of the text of my essay in John's book can be read via the link here: Bonfires.

Poem in Lighthouse

Issue 15 of Lighthouse includes my poem 'After the Opera I was a Criminal'. You can order a copy of Lighthouse from the Gatehouse Press website here.

The Brexit Landscape

In the new Honest Ulsterman I write on Brexit, the landscape and the future of farming. Behind Brexit is an economic ideology which wishes to promote the free market -- farming without subsidies, left to the supposed regulation of supply and demand. The dangers to farming, the environment and food prices are very real. Read... Continue Reading →

NonfictionNow, Reykjavik

'Letters to Iceland': a panel featuring Rosita Boland, Selina Guinness & Colin Graham, at NonfictionNow in Reykjavik, June 2017. In 1937, W.H. Auden and Louis MacNeice, published their co-authored Letters from Iceland, “the most unorthodox travel book ever written” (Daily Mail). Less an account of their actual journey undertaken the previous year, than a mock-heroic... Continue Reading →

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