Poem in Banshee

My poem ‘It was a hot July in the besieged city’ appears in the new issue of Banshee. The issue can be ordered via Banshee’s website here.


The Brexit Landscape

In the new Honest Ulsterman I write on Brexit, the landscape and the future of farming. Behind Brexit is an economic ideology which wishes to promote the free market — farming without subsidies, left to the supposed regulation of supply and demand. The dangers to farming, the environment and food prices are very real. Read the full piece here.

NonfictionNow, Reykjavik

‘Letters to Iceland’: a panel featuring Rosita Boland, Selina Guinness & Colin Graham, at NonfictionNow in Reykjavik, June 2017.

In 1937, W.H. Auden and Louis MacNeice, published their co-authored Letters from Iceland, “the most unorthodox travel book ever written” (Daily Mail). Less an account of their actual journey undertaken the previous year, than a mock-heroic model of collaborative practice, Auden describes it as a “collage”—“a form that’s large enough to swim in.” Playful in spirit and parodic in intention, these verse epistles, absurd tourist notes and personal correspondence combine to produce a book that refracts the poets’ anxieties about the imminent collapse of Europe.

Taking Letters from Iceland as a starting point, our panel was a series of six letters, handwritten and posted, in various ways, in advance of the conference, contemplating friendship, collaboration, travel, writing and photography.