Articles & essays

“‘Motionless Monotony”: New Nowheres in Irish Photography’/ les nouveaux lieux de l’absence dans la photographie irlandaise, LISA, 12: 3 (2014). Online here.

‘Teeming Blankness’ [on Victoria J. Dean], Photoworks website, ‘Ideas’. Online here.

‘”Indebted for the existence to the inessential”: On Three Irish Artists’ in Viewpoints: Theoretical Perspectives on Irish Visual Texts, edited by Emma Radley and Claire Bracken (Cork: Cork University Press, 2013), pp. 155-168

‘Motionless Monotony: New Nowheres in Irish Photography’, In/Print, 1 (2012), 51-71 [online pdf here]

‘When Borders Cease to Exist’ in Creative Ireland: The Visual Arts , edited by Noel Kelly and Sean Kissane (Dublin: Printed Project/Visual Artists Ireland, 2011), pp. 212-3

‘Foreword’ in Ireland in Focus: Film, Photography and Popular Culture (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2009), pp. ix-xii

‘Gargarin’s Point of View: Memory and Space in Recent Northern Irish Art’, The Irish Review, 40-41 (2009), 104-113

‘Luxury, Peace and Photography in Northern Ireland’, Visual Culture in Britain, 10: 2 (2009), 139-154

‘Dallas, Belfast: Sarah Browne and Gareth Kennedy Interviewed by Colin Graham’, The Irish Review, 39 (2008), 70-77

‘The Vacuum and the Vacuous’, Circa, 118 (Winter 2006), 55-59

‘“Every Passer-by a Culprit?”: Archive Fever, Photography and the Peace in Belfast’, Third Text: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture,  76 [19:5] (2005), 567-580

‘Belfast in Photographs’ in The Cities of Belfast, edited by Nicholas Allen and Aaron Kelly (Dublin: Four Courts, 2003), pp. 152-167

‘Punch Drunk: Irish Cultural Ephemera’, Circa, 81 (Autumn 1997), 26-31

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