Journal articles

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‘Hireling Strangers and the Wandering Throne: Ireland, Scotland and Samuel Ferguson’, Estudios Irlandeses, 4 (2009), 21-31 [online pdf here]

‘Dallas, Belfast: Sarah Browne and Gareth Kennedy Interviewed by Colin Graham’, The Irish Review, 39 (2008), 70-77

‘“Every Passer-by a Culprit?”: Archive Fever, Photography and the Peace in Belfast’, Third Text: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture,  76 [19:5] (2005), 567-580

‘Moderation, the Post-Colonial and the Radical Voice’, Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies, 7:2 (2001), 43- 54

‘ “Blame it on Maureen O’Hara”: Ireland and the Trope of Authenticity’, Cultural Studies: Special Issue ‘Ireland and Cultural Theory’, 15:1 (January 2001), 58 – 75

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‘Rejoinder: The Irish ‘Post-’?: A Reply to Gerry Smyth’, Irish Studies Review, 13 (Winter 1995/6), 33-36  (see Gerry Smyth, ‘The Post, the Past and the Utterly Changed: Intellectual Responsibility and Irish Cultural Criticism’, Irish Studies Review, 10 which discusses my previous ‘Post-Nationalism/PostColonialism: Reading Irish Culture’).

‘Liminal Spaces: Post-Colonial Theory and Irish Culture’, The Irish Review, 16 (1995), 29-43

‘Post-Nationalism/Post-Colonialism: Reading Irish Culture’, Irish Studies Review, 8 (1994), 35-37

‘Hopkins, Yeats and the Death of Samuel Ferguson’, Notes and Queries, 238: 4 (December 1993), 493-494

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