Catalogue essays

‘Action Man’s Rifle and the Troubles’ in Sven Augustijnen, The Metronome Bursts of Automatic Fire Seep through the Dawn Mist like Muffled Drums and We Know It for What It Is (Dublin: Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane, 2016), pp. 6-9

‘Sectarian Murder’ in Landsrkona Foto View: Ireland (Göteborg: Landskrono, 2016), p. 148

‘Disappearing Opacity’ in Landsrkona Foto View: Ireland (Göteborg: Landskrono, 2016), pp. 58-63

‘Dwelling’ in Martin Cregg, Midlands (Dublin: Martin Cregg, 2015), n.p.

‘Teeming Blankness’ – ‘Ideas’, Photoworks (July 2013):

‘Disappearing Opacity’ in Patrick Hogan, Still (Dublin: Gallery of Photography, 2012) [pp. i-xi]

‘Inscription|Trace’ in Willie Doherty, Disturbance (Dublin: Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, 2011), pp. 8-14

‘Description as Revelation’ in Noel Bowler, Making Space (Dublin: Gallery of Photography, 2011), pp. 26-31

‘Signatures of Experience’ in Anthony Luvera, Residency (Belfast: Belfast Exposed, 2011)

‘Stuart Griffiths: Northern Ireland Archive’, Photoworks, 16 (Spring/Summer 2011), 24-33 [online pdf here]

‘Evidence of the Future’ in Where are the People?, edited by Karen Downey (Belfast: Belfast Exposed, 2010), pp. 86-95

‘The Filiality of a Mere Coin’, IrelandVenice: Gareth Kennedy [exhibition catalogue for IrelandVenice 2009: 53rd International Art Biennale 2009] (Carrick-on-Shannon: The Dock, 2009), pp. 34-42 [online pdf here]

‘Gestures Beyond Identity’ in The Quick and the Dead (Dublin: Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, 2009), pp. 14-20

‘Archetypes of an Uncertain Future’ in John Duncan, Bonfires (Göttingen: Steidl, 2008)

‘Joe Duggan: Family Man’, Exhibition essay, Limerick City Gallery of Art, July 2007

(with Keri Jones, Denis Crowley and Lucy Cotter) ‘Cork Remote Forum’ in National Sculpture Factory (ed.), Cork Caucus: On Art, Possibility and Democracy (Frankfurt: Revolver, 2006), pp. 28-35

‘Queen’s Island & the Docks’, Belfast Exposed,

‘A Misplaced Eden’, Belfast Exposed,

‘A Misplaced Eden’ in Ursula Burke and Daniel Jewesbury, Archive: Lisburn Road (Belfast: Belfast Exposed, 2004), pp. 117-133

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