Academic Reviews

Review of Irish Times: Temporalities of Modernity by David Lloyd, Irish Studies Review, 18:3 (2010), 374-376

‘Cultural Criticism on the Cusp’; review of Ireland after History by David Lloyd and Ireland in Proximity by Scott Brewster et al, The Irish Review, 26 (Autumn, 2000), 114-117

‘Strange Memories’; review of Mere Irish and Fior-Ghael and Remembrance and Imagination by Joep Leerssen, and Strange Country by Seamus Deane, The Irish Review, 21 (Autumn-Winter, 1997), 139-143

‘Anomalous Theory’; review of Culture & Imperialism by Edward W. Said and
Anomalous States by David Lloyd, The Irish Review, 15 (Spring, 1994), 117-123

‘Hibernian Knight’s Assimilation of Differences’; review of Samuel Ferguson: The Literary Achievement by Peter Denman, The Irish Review, 11 (Winter, 1991/1992), 137-139

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