Ursula Burke at RHA

The-Politicians-embroidery-detail-2018-700x390Ursula Burke’s ‘The Precariat’ is currently on show at RHA Gallery. On 12th September I did a really enjoyable walk-thorugh of the exhibition with Ursula and Ruth Carroll, the exhibition curator. I really recommend seeing this exhibition, which is on show until 21st October.

From the RHA website: “Ursula Burke’s work explores abuses of power in the social and political realms of the West, often taking a Northern Irish context as a critical point of departure from which to generalise her approach to international concerns. Formally, her work appropriates tropes deeply invested in the classical and re-inserts them in the contemporary, aiming to create a conceptual bridge between the classical ‘ideal’ (in form/society) and the reality of contemporary, neo-liberal society. The Precariat brings together a body of work that seeks to investigate the experience of insecurity, fast becoming a universal condition as we struggle to subsist in an impoverished and increasingly unstable civil society, in which personal solutions are prescribed to global problems.”

See RHA here.


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