Samuel Laurence Cunnane

My review of Samuel Laurence Cunnane’s recent exhibition at the Douglas Hyde Gallery is in the new Source. It begins:

Reviewing a William Eggleston exhibition in Graz in 1984, Luigi Ghirri found himself “unable to hide [his] agitation”. Thinking that he knew Eggleston’s modes of operation, Ghirri was surprised by what he saw as a turn in Eggleston’s work, away from the clarity of “symbolic objects” towards “often vague, out-of-focus images … with flawed perspectives … moments and elements of disharmony and discomfort”. An Eggleston closer to (one version of) Ghirri’s photography, in other words. Samuel Laurence Cunnane’s work strives for this same effect, a Ghirri-like Eggletsonianism, held within the broad parameters of documentary photography and nuanced by a studied casualness, by carefully considered glances to the side, by significant banalities …

For more see Source, 88 (Winter 2016), 60-1.


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