Deeps Removed – Kevin Kirwan @ Illuminations


This show is part of the Behind The Tendrils programme curated by Aoife Tunney.

The word ‘remains’ can be traced back to the Latin word remanēr, which is the equivalent of ‘to stay’. Remains could be described as ‘the parts left over after the other parts have been removed, used or destroyed’. If this is the case what parts of us are removed, used or destroyed before we leave our bodies behind? How does a place hold on to the memory of a person after time has passed?

There is something intrinsic and essential that connects places and remains. Sometimes these remains are not physical, but just a trace of what is left by a person. It is fundamental to us to remember a place by the people who inhabited it, what they did and what remains of them.

DEEPS REMOVED is an eight video installation looking at the relationship between remains and place. The work centres on a two-part film, which documents an event that happened on the upper lake at Glendalough in sight of St.Kevin’s bed. The other films in this exhibition are dreamlike portrayals of catacombs, churches, crypts and abbeys in Portugal and Austria. Other fleeting moments from film history are employed to contemplate what remains of people in a place.

More at Illuminations website here.


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