Martin Cregg – Midlands

Midlands – Martin Cregg. 2- 20 February.
Martin Cregg is a documentary photographer whose work has been exhibited in Ireland, France, Belgium, China and Italy. He is a previous nominee for the Prix Pictet. Illuminations will show a new version of his ongoing project ‘Midlands’, a documentary essay on development and housing in the Irish Midlands. Curated by Colin Graham.

Midlands charts the construction of the Irish midlands region from the height of the Irish economic boom in the early part of the decade, to the economic insecurities and uncertainties of recession times. The work focuses on what the concept of ‘The Midlands’ is in its essence – undefined, non-geographic, a non-place. In the context of recession, structures built in expectation are stripped of the aura of hope they once had – laying bare the unstable nature of the country’s current economic situation.

Visit the Illuminations webpage for ‘Midlands’ here.



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