Stephen Brandes at Illuminations

Illuminations is delighted to present Stephen Brandes’ ‘The Last Travelogue of Albert Sitzfleisch’, an episodic and phantasmagorical journey through the mind, memories, images and distractions of the modern European imagination. As Albert Sitzfleisch falls from the tallest building in lower Saxony he recalls his travels and tries to comprehend the places he has been, the history he has experienced. ‘The Last Travelogue of Albert Sitzfleisch’ is beautifully realised in Stephen Brandes’ drawings, photographic adaptations and reconfigurations of modernist styles.

‘The Last Travelogue of Albert Sitzfleisch’ opens at Illuminations on 3 November and runs until 21 November.

Stephen Brandes is an artist based in Cork. His work has been shown at IMMA and the RHA and internationally in the US, Germany, UK, Denmark and Italy. ‘The Last Travelogue of Albert Sitzfleisch’ is part-funded for exhibition at Illuminations by Cork County Council.

Exhibition curated by Colin Graham. See Illuminations website here.


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