The Irish Review 48

IR 48 coverThe Irish Review 48 includes essays by Catherine Nash, on genetics and the Irish, and Richard Kirkland on the state of Irish Studies. Clare O’Halloran revisits Moore’s Captain Rock, while there are essays on Irish political thought and Synge and Jewishness on the Abbey stage.


Blood of the Irish: Knowing ‘Ourselves’ Genetically CATHERINE NASH

Synge, An-sky, and the Irish Jewish Revival IRINA RUPPO MALONE

‘The State’ – Ireland’s Contribution to the History of Political Thought MARK A. HUTCHINSON

Stories of Subversion: Thomas Moore’s Memoirs of Captain Rock and Irish Historical Tradition CLARE O’HALLORAN

Seeking a Protestant Purgatory: Resonances in Twentieth-century Anglo-Irish Writing IAN D’ALTON

Between the Old World and the New: the Farahy Address, 2013 ROBERT TOBIN

Towards a Disciplinary History of Irish Studies RICHARD KIRKLAND

Boston or Berlin? Reflections on a Topical Controversy, the Celtic Tiger and the World of Irish Studies JOACHIM FISCHER


MICHELLE O’RIORDAN on James Kelly and Ciarán MacMurchaidh (eds), Irish and English: Essays on the Irish Linguistic and Cultural Frontier, 1600-1900

EIBHEAR WALSHE on Brian Cliff and Nicholas Grene (eds), Synge and Edwardian Ireland

KATHRYN LAING on Eve Patten, Imperial Refugee: Olivia Manning’s Fictions of War; Deirdre David, Olivia Manning: A Woman at War

PATRICK MAUME on Heather Laird (ed.) Daniel Corkery’s Cultural Criticism: Selected Writings

JAMES MORAN on Tony Murray, London Irish Fictions; Seán Sorohan, Irish London during the Troubles; Tom Herron (ed.), Irish Writing London: Volume 1, Revival to the Second World War; Tom Herron (ed.), Irish Writing London: Volume 2, Post-War to the Present

HEATHER LAIRD on Kelly Matthews, The Bell Magazine and the Representation of Irish Identity

JULIANA ADELMAN on Don O’Leary, Irish Catholicism and Science: from ‘Godless Colleges’ to the Celtic Tiger


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