Irish Review 47

The Irish Review 47 has just been published. Guest edited by Aaron Kelly, this is a special issue on ‘Cultures of Class. Listen to the podcast for IR47 here. And order a copy from Cork University Press here.

The Irish Review 47


Introduction – Dracula’s Mirror: Class and Aesthetics in Irish Culture AARON KELLY

The Clachan and the Chartists: Irish Models for Feargus O’Connor’s Land Plan DAVID LLOYD

Labour and Literature One Hundred Years after the Lockout: Towards an Archive of Irish Working-class Experience MICHAEL PIERSE

Bend It Like Beckett: Class Rules in Irish Literature WILLY MALEY

Coming ‘from the Wrong Side of the River’: A Clash of Cultures in Mary Lavin’s Novella ‘The Becker Wives’ THERESA WRAY

The Spectre of Class: Class Politics, Restorative Justice and the Peace Process in Recent Northern Irish Film and Drama STEFANIE LEHNER

Interrupting the Spin-Cycle: Roddy Doyle’s Paula Spencer and the Art of Cleaning CAITLIN MCGUINNESS


TOM DUNNE on Billy Colfer, Wexford Castles

MARK A. HUTCHINSON on John Patrick Montaño, The Roots of English Colonialism in Ireland

JASON HARRIS on Anthony McElligott, Liam Chambers, Ciara Breathnach and Catherine Lawless (eds), Power in History: From Medieval Ireland to the Post-Modern World

JOEP LEERSSEN Jim Kelly (ed.), Ireland and Romanticism: Publics, Nations and Scenes of Cultural Production

IAN Ó CAOIMH on Eoin Mac Cárthaigh agus Jürgen Uhlich (eag.), Féilschríbhinn do Chathal Ó Háinle

JAMES MORAN on Patrick Lonergan, The Theatre and Films of Martin McDonagh

BARRY O SEAGHDHA on Seán Campbell, ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’: Second-Generation Irish Musicians inEngland


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