Oliver Jeffers at Illuminations

The 2014 Illuminations programme kicks off with the extraordinary art of Oliver Jeffers, painter, illustrator and maker. Oliver Jeffers is world-renowned for his children’s books, illustrations and art. Illuminations is proud to present Oliver’s art work in a wide-ranging retrospective, highlighting the development of his ideas and techniques, his humour and his profundity.

Featuring over one hundred images, grouped thematically, this is a chance to see the vitality and imagination of one of Ireland’s most important contemporary artists at work.

Oliver Jeffers at Illuminations opens on 10th February.

Oliver Jeffers, via Australia and Belfast, now lives in New York. His has exhibited widely across the world and won many prizes (Kate Greenaway Award, Bisto, Irish Times Book Awards, Blue Peter Award) for his illustrated children’s books. See oliverjeffers.com.

Oliver Jeffers at Illuminations is curated by Colin Graham.


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